About us

NML Turismo is a brand owned by NML, Lda.

NML was created in 1996 for the purpose of granting assistance to companies in areas such as management, development and innovation.

Through a B2B philosophy, the company values human resources, knowledge, innovation and competitiveness.

NML focuses on supporting companies since day one, providing a wide range of services that include strategy and planning, market research, internationalization strategy, investment management, company qualification and assistance with applications to national and international funding programs.

NML is established in the north and central Portugal, ensuring a strong presence across the country, as well as a full understanding of the national panorama regarding regional companies and the economic, finantial and institutional systems. This also serves as a means of developping strong business relations based on proximity and customized assistance.

Here, at NML, we are proud to have an experienced team educated in management, economy and administration, marketing, design and webdesign, architecture, land management and tourism. We also count on the support of experienced partners, experts in areas such as environment, sociology, law, marketing, architecture and engineering, agriculture and biology.

NML's main focus is people. Knowledge is the main ingredient to our success, as we are continuously evolving and learning. The partnerships are essentially based on mutual support and the profit of efficiency.


NML supports the materialization of ideas into responsible and successful business projects, contributing for an economy with a solid foundation of innovation, technology and uniqueness of people, products and services.


To become a reference national wide, encouraging businesses to overcome themselves and succeed, focusing on the well being of the people.


As to our success, we can only thank the people who have been trusting NML for over 20 years. Their values and competences also reflect our own: knowledge, sharing, responsibility, trust and success.


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