IFRRU 2020

Applications for IFRRU 2020 are now open, with 1.4 thousand million euros of funding available. IFRRU 2020 is a program that supports and funds projects regarding the rehabilitation of properties located in historic town centres.

Financed operations

This program provides funding for the following operations:

  • Full rehabilitation of buildings with 30 or over years of existance. Buildings with less years of existance may qualify for funding if the level of conservation demonstrated is equal or inferior to 2**;
  • Rehabilitation of abandoned industrial properties;
  • Intervention in buildings of social housing, in case of comprehensive rehabilitation.

IFRRU 2020 will provide funding for investments aiming to promote energetic efficiency improvement in buildings.

Types of support

The loans are provided in 50% through public funding and 50% through previously selected bank entities.

The deadline for the funding may extend to 20 years and contemplate a grace period of a maximum of 4 years (construction work).

The tax rates are significantly bellow market rates.

This incentive program, cofinanced by Portugal 2020, European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), European Investment Bank (EIB) and  e Counsil of Europe development Bank, provides funding to private individuals, companies and public entities.

Deadline for the submission of applications

Applications are continuously open until the total of the available funds is distributed.


**According to Decree-Law no. 266-B/2012, of december 31st