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This incentive programme – as part of the National Reform Programme – aims to increase the number of new operators, such as SMEs, by increasing exports through the development and application of new business models and qualification processes for internationalisation, valuing the intangible factors of competitiveness, enabling the increase of their export capacity.

Eligible expenditure
  • Acquisition of equipment in order to apply new organizational methods;
  • Participation in fairs and exhibitions abroad;
  • Specialized counsel, provided by external consultants;
  • Obtaining, validating and defending patents and other industrial property registration costs;
  • Training of human resources with the indicated eligible expenditure in accordance with the nature and limits laid down in its own diploma.
  • Wage costs with the hiring of highly qualified human resources in enterprises, including the basic salary, with a maximum limit set out in the notice for submission of applications or in technical guidance, and the mandatory social charges by concluding a working contract with maximum duration 36 months.
Project typology
  • Knowledgle of external markets;
  • The presence on the web through the digital economy;
  • The international development and promotion of brands;
  • Exploration and presence in international markets;
  • International marketing;
  • The Introduction of a new method of organisation in commercial practices or external relations;
  • Specific certifications for external markets.
Support rates

Non-refundable incentive

  • 40% – OP Region de Lisbon;
  • 45% – remaining territory