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Terms and Conditions

Users must read the following terms before consulting or using this website for any purpose

Welcome to NML Turismo’s website, www.turismo-portugal.com. The usage of this website requires that the users proceed accordingly to the following terms and conditions of usage. By using this website, you are agreeing to comply with the terms of conditions bellow, including all terms, conditions and addictional policies refered to in this document or accessible by links. These terms and conditions are applicable to all users of this website, including, without exception, visitors, suppliers, clients and/or content contributors. If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions of usage contained in this notice, please abandon this website immediately.

1. Overview

The website www.turismo-portugal.com and the brand NML Tursimo are owned by NML – Projectos e Desenvolvimento Turístico, Lda (henceforth referred to as “NML”), established in Avenida Luís de Camões, nº28, 2º andar, sala 2, 4900-973 Viana do Castelo.

2. Other policies of the website

Please read the privacy policy and the cookie policy for this website. All website policies are integrated in this page and mandatory for any users who access and navigate this website.

NML reserves the right to make adjustments to the terms and conditions of usage at any time and without notice. The usage of this website after any modifications implies the full acceptance of the terms and conditions of the modified version.

In case any of these conditions is considered void, nule or by any reason not applicable, this condition will be separate and will not affect the validation and application of the remaining conditions.

3.Website content

NML compromises to provide appropriate descriptions and visual representations of the products presented on this website. NML does not, however, guarantee that the information or graphics contained in the website or which are accessible through services, are at all times reliable, accurate, current, useful and complete.

4. Errors, inaccuracies and omissions

This website may contain typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions, some which may be related to information on services. NML reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions and update information at any time and without notice.

NML has no obligation to update, modify or clarify information, including, without limitation, information on the process, unless required by law.

5. Use of the website and its services

O acesso ao sítio da NML é livre, no entanto terá de possuir a idade legal no seu país de residência no que diz respeito ao preenchimento dos formulários de contacto e de candidatura.

The access to NML’s website is free. However, you must be the legal age in your country of residence  to be able to complete the contact and application forms.

6. User submissions

NML appreciates your comments and suggestions regarding this website. However, NML does not accept confidential or proprietary information. If the user sends submissions such as participation in contests, creative ideas, suggestions, proposals or any other type of material, the user agrees that NML is not obliged to maintain, compensate or respond. By disclosing, submitting or offering submissions, the user is conceding NML a non-exclusive right, Royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable and entirely sublicenciável, to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative work, distribute, display that material in any place in the world and any media support. The user will be and remain solely responsible for any submission published or offered.

NML is not required to monitor, edit or remove any content determined as illegal, offensive, threatening, defamatory, defamatory, pornographic, obscene or objectionable or violating the intellectual property of these terms and conditions.

The user agrees not to violate any rights, including copyright, registered trademarks, privacy, personality and/or individual or property rights. The user can not use a fake e-mail address, pretend to be another person or, by any means, cheat NML or third parties about the origin of any submissions. The user shall have sole responsibility for any comments and accuracy. NML does not assume any responsibility or obligation for any content submitted.

7. Copyright and intelectual property

The content included in this website is owned by NML or its content providors and is therefore protected by national and international copyright laws and other intellectual property laws. This content includes images, photographs, dialogues, music, colours, schemes, tools, fonts, drawings, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software. The reproduction of any content is prohibited.

NML and its content providers have the exclusive right to authorise or prohibit, under their exclusive criterion, any reproduction, publication, distribution, display, modification, job creation derivative of or holding in any form, total or partial, of the content. Any reproduction, publication, distribution, display, modification or creation of work derivative of, or that explores in any way, the content expressly authorised by NML or its content providers, should be carried out for lawful purposes only and according to all applicable laws.

The user confirms and agrees that any infringement of copyright, trademarks or intellectual property may result in civil or criminal liability.

8. Copyright claim

NML respects the intellectual property of third parties. If you consider that your work has been copied in a way that constitutes a copyright infringement, please contact the company through the available official channels.

9. External links

This website may contain links to other websites or may be accessible itself through links from other websites. NML does not operate, control, sponsor or guarantee any third party websites. NML provides and allows these connections only for their convenience and is not responsible for the content of any website connected to or from this site. Integration of links to this website does not indicate that NML approves, sponsors or recommends these websites.

The user agrees that NML is not responsible for any content, services and/or products provided by third-party websites or responsible for any practice conducted by these websites regarding collection and processing of personal data for their own use. When you access any third-party website through a hyperlink on this site, please read the terms and conditions of use and other policies of these websites carefully. Policies published on this website shall not apply to any third party site. Therefore, NML declines any guarantees, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, legality, reliability and validity of the content elsewhere.

10. Other prohibitions concerning usage

In addition to the aforementioned prohibitions, it is prohibited to use this website or its content to: a) any illegal purpose; b) instigate another to commit or participate in any illegal acts; c) violate any rules, laws or regulations, places , national or international; d) Harass, abuse, insult, cause damage, slander, slander, disparage, intimidate or discriminate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, religious, ethnicity, country of origin, age or disability; e) present false information or misleading; f) send or transmit viruses or any other type of malicious code, which may be used to affect the functionality and operation of this or any other related website; g) collect or track personal information from other users; h) Spam, phishing, pharm, pretext, spider, craw or scrape; i) any obscene and immoral purpose; j) interfere or circumvent the security resources, this and any other related website. NML reserves the right to cancel its access to the services, of this and any other related website, for violation of any of the prohibitions of usage.

11. Modification, suspension ou termination of services

NML reserves the right, without prior notice and at its exclusive discretion, to partially or completely cancel or restrict access or use of this website and/or modify or cease any service.

The user understands and agrees that NML can do so without any obligation or responsibility.

12. Privacy

Any personal information that NML collects on you by using this website is subject to the privacy policy. It is recommended to read this post, which explains the privacy practices on this site.

13. Responsibility limitation

NML, its agents, employees, directors and owners, shall not under any circumstances be responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this website and its services and/or resulting from the behaviour of other users. In particular, NML will not be responsible for damage resulting from technical or technological or other issues arising from the use of this website.

14. Applicable law

All issues resulting and/or related to these terms and conditions of usage, including, without limitation, their validity, interpretation, construction, performance and application, is regulated and interpreted in accordance with Portuguese law without application of the rules of conflict of laws.
Any dispute, complaint or controversy arising directly or indirectly from the conclusion, interpretation or execution of any contract with the shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese courts.

Similarly, the version of the terms and conditions of usage that prevails in any situation is the Portuguese.

15. Informação adicional

Please contact NML using the official means available.

Privacy Policy

Within the services provided, NML has the need to collect and deal with some of your personal data. We seek to minimise the number and type of personal data needed in order to be able to continue to nourish relations of various natures, which include trade relations (re-Contractual and contractual), marketing communications and/or recruitment.
Our privacy policy is simpler and transparent. In the following document you will be able to see what personal data we collect, for what purposes they are treated and how you can exercise your rights.
By navigating the website www.turismo-portugal.com you are accepting our privacy policy.


1. Terminology

Throughout our Política de Privacidade:

  • The data holder shall be designated and also referred to as ” holder “, ” user “, ” client “, ” yours”, ” you “,
  • The website www.turismo-portugal.com will also be called “website”;
  • NML – Projectos e Desenvolvimento Turístico, Lda. It will also be referred to as  ‘NML Turismo’, ‘ NML ‘, ‘ company ‘, entity ‘ responsible for data processing ‘, ‘ we ‘, ‘ our ‘


2. About us

We are NML Turismo, responsible entity for processing your personal data:

  • Trading name: NML – Projectos e Desenvolvimento Turístico, Lda.;
  • Companies Registry and Corporate Person no.: 503 763 004;
  • Share capital: 5 000€;
  • Head office: Avenida Luís de Camões, n.º 28, 2.º andar, sala 2, 4900-973 Viana do Castelo;
  • Branch office: Rua da Fonte, lote 6, R/C esquerdo, 2410-261 Leiria.

In addition to being responsible for processing your personal data, the company owns this website and holds the brands NML Turismo and NML Consulting.


3. The personal data we gather and why we do it

We follow the principle of data minimisation, that is, we only ask for the data that we find strictly necessary for the type of relationship maintained with the holder. In fact, when the holder provides his data to NML from the website he can do so for different purposes:

  • Trade relations: when the holder intends to establish a trade relationship with NML, which starts as pre-contractual. For example, when the user fills the website form or sends an e-mail to request information about NML services is starting a pre-contractual relation with the company, which also includes the subsequent exchange of messages or phone contacts. The pre-contractual relation may evolve into a contractual relation, which will require the provision of additional personal data necessary for compliance with legal obligations, such as invoicing or the submission of applications for public funding (Portugal 2020).
  • Marketing Communications: when the holder wishes to receive institutional or promotional campaigns/ newsletter.
  • Hiring: when the holder wishes to apply for a job or present a prospective application.

We present forms for different purposes on our website as listed below:

  • General contact form: for general questions, clarification of the content published on the website, suggestions or complaints;
  • Contact form for incentives: intended to clarify issues relating to incentives and services provided by NML;
  • Application form: for prospective job applications;
  • Marketing communications subscription form: for the reception of promotional and/or institutional communications within the scope of NML’s services
In addition to filling these forms – which minimise the data provided by the user, you can contact us via email or telephone, and the data provided by those channels are of your responsibility.
When completing the forms, we collect the following personal information:
  • Name;
  • E-mail address;
  • Phone number;
  • Address.

In addition, the user may willingly submit other personal data, in particular those present in the curriculum vitae (and/or other documents), which is attached when filling the recruitment form.


4. Who the recipients to your data are

As the entity responsible for processing the data collected, we are committed not to transmit your personal data to third party entities, that is, any entity with which we have no relationship whatsoever. We also don’t buy, yield or sell personal databases.
However, service providers indispensable to the company’s activity will be able to access your data, particularly the accounting service provider and the information service provider, who ensures the protection of the information held by the company in its activity. In addition to obeying NML’s guidelines regarding access, processing and data protection, these service providers also comply with the GDPR.
In addition we will be able to transmit your data to other entities involved in the different activities we provide. For example, the examination bodies for applications for funding to Portugal 2020. in this context, where a contractual relationship is established, the informs the holder which entities may have access to their personal data.
Therefore, the personal data of holders who have expressed their consent in receiving marketing communications will be stored on the e-mail management platform Mailchimp, which is also dutiful of GDPR.


5. For how long we keep your data in our database

Personal data shall be saved for variable time periods, depending on their purpose:
  • Trade Relations: data shall be kept for as long as there is an active contract relation between the data holder and NML. Nevertheless, for legal reasons, some of these data may be retained for longer periods of time (e.g. Accounting). In case the pre-ontractual relationship has not led to a provision of services, personal data shall be disposed of six months after the date of the last communication between the parties;
  • Marketing Communications: the data will be retained until it is removed at the initiative of the holder or whenever there are problems in sending communications (examples, errors in sending communications, email addresses and/or invalid phone contacts);
  • Recruitment procedures: data shall be kept for six months after the date of submission of the application. After this period, and if it is to be considered in future recruitment, the data holder should submit a new application.


6. Your rights

The data holder have rights stated by GDPR and scrutinized in the articles 15 to 21:

  • Right to access personal data;
  • Right to correct personal data;
  • Right to eliminate personal data;
  • Right to restrict data processing;
  • Right to opose data processing;
  • Right to data portability.

For the exercise of these rights, the data holder should contact NML as a data processing entity through the suggested channels (letter, email or telephone):

  • Address: NML – Projectos e Desenvolvimento Turístico, Lda., Rua da Fonte, lote 6, R/C esq., 2410-261 Leiria
  • Phone number: +351 244 098 804
  • E-mail: info@turismo-portugal.com
The data holder may also exercise his right to rectification and disposal of data using the mechanisms available in e-mail communications.
These channels can also be used to clarify issues related to this privacy policy.
Thus, and in case of misuse of his data, the holder may file a complaint before the control authority, the National Data Protection Commission (Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados).


7. Other data we collect (anonymous information and cookies)

NML’s website uses cookies, small text files that are stored on the user device. These files provide better user experience and are totally anonymous. To learn more, read our cookie policy.
This anonymous information collected will be treated for purely statistical purposes. Examples of processing purposes are the ananylis of the number of visits, the average time spent in the website, the location of the user, the operating system and the device used, the ISP – Internet Service Provider and the use of targeted advertising services.


8. Lastly…

This privacy policy applies only to the official website of NML Turismo, identifiable by www.turismo-portugal.com.
This website suggests external links of interest with which NML is absolutely unrelated and is not attributable to any responsibility for the data provided by the holder in third party websites.
NML reserves the right to change this privacy policy without prior notice and is therefore recommending frequent reading of this page.

Last  update: may 25th 2018

Cookie Policy

This privacy policy clarifies doubts about the use of cookies by NML Turismo, via www.turismo-portugal.com.
Cookies are used to improve user experience. The use of www.turismo-portugal.com presupposes acceptance of cookies.


Cookies are small text files recorded in your equipment when accessing websites. These allow the storage of a set of user-related information, in which some are used to recognize the user in future visits to the same web address, and others used to ensure the features made available and improve user performance and experience.

The type of information that can be analysed using cookies understands, the username and e-mail address, the internet protocol address (IP) that is used to connect to the internet, type and browser version, the operating system and the platform used for the connection, the areas of our online services that have viewed or searched, the web addresses (urls) from which or through which you have accessed and left our services online, the date and time for such activity, among others.

Cookies from internet websites may at any time be disabled or managed. To learn how to visit the “help” section of your internet browser.
We warn that some areas of the site may not work properly after cookies have been deactivated.


The use of cookies optimizes user navigation, allowing stored data to improve your experience on the website, also increasing the response efficiency of the web address. Thus, they allow the elimination ofsome repetitive actions on the site and assist with the presentation of advertising messages contained in the web address, in order to meet their interests.

Types of cookies used

Cookies are segmented according to their purpose and expiration date.

  • Session Cookies: are temporary, i.e. they are generated and are available until the session is closed. Next time you access your internet browser, cookies will no longer be stored. The information obtained allows you to manage sessions, identify problems and provide a better navigation experience.
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You can read more useful information about cookies and how to manage or disable them at the following address: www.allaboutcookies.org